THIS is why France isn't overrated.

Romantic movie - classic style. "Hmm... France (Paris) MUST be involved!"
"Wine, bread and they won't even speak english."
I know a lot of people who all have prejudices against France. But I am here to prove them wrong. Other than being a fascinating country with beautiful nature and people they have something called: GOOD MUSIC (and culture for that sake)
When I think electronic music, I think France. When I think cool clubbing, I think France. And those two combined, must be France!!!
Go ahead, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they bring the most intelligent, beautiful music to the whole electro scene. And now hush Cattelia (which is, by the way, my nickname) and bring those french songs.

datA - Paste Back

DJ Mehdi - I Am Somebody

David Carretta - Shock treatment

Vitalic - Repair Machines

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Everything just sounds better..

headphones from

I was home at a friends house and he have some psycho speakers (ooh god I was close to stealing it... if I had, had a truck) . And I thought about my silly, embarrassing speakers at home, realizing that the right equipment makes even a bad song sound ten times better.

When I listen to music at home alone, I always have my headphones on. The sound goes right through my ear and in to my brain where it stimulates every corner. So please do me a favor; when listening to music either go buy the biggest most expensive set of speakers or good-quality headphones. Otherwise its a disgrace to music. It just SOUNDS better.

Downloads for today:
Crookers - Massive the sound of tools.
Emilie Simon - The Frozen World
for the beautiful mind.

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A start

Electronic music and all its sub and closely related genres is my passion. You know.. I never had a hobby, never felt like I had a purpose. Untill one fine day three or four years ago, when I bought
Yeah Yeah Yeahs album 'Fever To Tell', and although it isn't electro, it is the album that made me love high pitching sounds, scratchy music and weird vocals. Felix Da Housecat was next. And from there my taste and knowledge has exploded and daily I search for new music and new artists. It IS my passion. And therefore I'd like to share my addiction with you.
So here's the song of the day:
datA - J'aime pas l'art RMX

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