THIS is why France isn't overrated.

Romantic movie - classic style. "Hmm... France (Paris) MUST be involved!"
"Wine, bread and they won't even speak english."
I know a lot of people who all have prejudices against France. But I am here to prove them wrong. Other than being a fascinating country with beautiful nature and people they have something called: GOOD MUSIC (and culture for that sake)
When I think electronic music, I think France. When I think cool clubbing, I think France. And those two combined, must be France!!!
Go ahead, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they bring the most intelligent, beautiful music to the whole electro scene. And now hush Cattelia (which is, by the way, my nickname) and bring those french songs.

datA - Paste Back

DJ Mehdi - I Am Somebody

David Carretta - Shock treatment

Vitalic - Repair Machines

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